When to change theme of a blog

You are reading this post because you are curious to know when to change theme of a blog. Well, there is not any specific time, but the points mentioned below will help you a lot in figuring out that the time has come for a change.

We all know that anybody’s dress tells a lot about him like how educated or well-mannered he is and his choices. In first look we can decide how we are going to treat him. The same is the case with blog’s theme. A theme of any blog tells all about the blog’s designer as how much knowledge and creativity he has. Hence, this is one of the decisions you need to spend a little time upon.

When to change theme of website

Once you get a good theme and place it on your blog, then it doesn’t mean you are never going to change, but when you should change your blog’s them is a good question.

1. Lack of Compatibility:
Usually Bloggers have to check their theme with all browsers after installation and if it works fine, they start the editing process. But this is where problems can occur. While , we need to edit, delete and add new codes and scripts which can have some bugs.

As a result theme starts to show some problems on some browsers or Systems. So, as you find it, you better delete it just then and replace it with new one. However, after all editing and customization, if your theme is still not compatible with most of popular web browsers, time has come to change it.

2. It’s Been Long Time:

You find a great theme that just works awesome and its outlook is amazing. Hence, you put it on your blog and remain with it for a long time without any problem. However, you need to change it at some point to make your blog fresh again. And, if it has been a long time since you are using the same theme just go ahead and change it. That’s because anything either online or offline that has been with you for quite sometime can be boring, if not for you, then maybe for others.

Hence you need to give fresh air to your readers and to yourself by changing the theme. You can either change only Layout or design or the whole theme, anything that you think would work best for you.

3. You Are Unsatisfied:

Everyone loves his own things and thinks that they are best not caring about what others think. But how will you feel if you start to get the feeling that you are not that good? It will kill your self-confidence and chances to get to the top so it’s time now to have a change.

If at any time you feel like your blog’s theme is not good enough, you should do one of these things.

1) Make yourself like that theme again.

2) Or just go ahead and put a new one at your blog.

4. SEO in Doubt:

Google can strike with Penguin or Panda or any other thing and most likely it won’t even let you know. Well, this can also happen due to some hidden links inside theme. As a result the traffic drops and you start to figure out what happened?

In such a condition it’s a good idea to test by changing your theme. It might be some case with some blacklisted links hidden inside header or footer of your theme and a change may solve your traffic problem in a few weeks.

5. Thumbs Down:

This rarely happens, but if it happened to you, you immediately need to find a new theme. Thumbs down means that some of your readers personally mailed you to notify the problems in your theme or to say that design is making it difficult for them to read.

Why the hell they need to care? They could have simply moved to another site with similar content, but they didn’t and instead tried to convince you to do things for their comfortable reading.

You need to take such mails seriously, but don’t take big actions like changing the whole site’s theme because of just one mail. If they come more than five from different users, you are left with no choice, but to do it.

There can also be some other cases where you need to change your theme. For example you are a newbie and are unable to understand complicated Magazine Templates and want to change. You should change.

I hope that I gave you enough points to have an idea about when to change the theme of a blog. If that’s the case, I recommend you to subscribe to this blog and allow us to keep sending you such updates. You are also welcomed to comment.

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