Bluehost vs HostGator, Why Bluehost Wins

We are going to have a strong comparison that is Bluehost vs HostGator and today we’ll see which company is best.

When we talk about web hosting, we think about the companies and the ones that are the top of their game. The first two names that always pop up into our heads are Bluehost and HostGator. They have revolutionized the web and they host more websites than any other company on the planet earth. Both Bluehost and HostGator have their loyal fans who will never listen to anyone because they are just too much passionate about them and they love what they are getting from these companies. However, it often becomes a headache for many to decide that which company should they go with. Should it be Bluehost” or “HostGator” 

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Hence, I thought it would be a pretty cool idea to sort it out for you and help you decide which company you should go with and what is best for you.

Customer Support:

Customer support is very important in case of web hosting because that is what helps people get their problems solved and also better understand all of the features.

Bluehost is very good at providing fast, reliable and talented people to help you within no time. There is no waiting and you get someone to answer your question in blink of an eye. Unlike many other web hosting companies, there is nothing about Bluehost that “Bluehost” customer support guys can’t help you about. They are really good at it and they are popular for that.

On the other side, HostGator is having negative reviews these days because of the lazy and sluggish customer support. At first, you have to wait for a specific amount of time before someone comes to listen what you have to say. That time can often cross 30 minutes which is simply painful and unacceptable. This is the reason why many people are beginning to move towards Bluehost and other companies. But HostGator is not doing anything about it. They are like “You want to leave? Just leave! We don’t care” and they are changing nothing.

Hence, point goes to “Bluehost” for fast customer support.

Bluehost 1, HostGator 0,


Even though web hosting is not a popularity contest, by realizing how popular a company is, you can figure out how good they are at what they do.

“Bluehost” is without any doubt the #1 web hosting company in the world because of their stunning services and amazing prices. Many other web hosting companies including HostGator are trying to bring them down, but to no avail. Bluehost is firmly holding the #1 rank and it looks like they are going to stay there for many years to come.

HostGator has no shot against Bluehost when it comes to popularity. This is because HostGator is not even anywhere near Bluehost in popularity and they need to do a lot of work and improvements to get #1 spot. In short, becoming the best is never easy.

Bluehost 2, HostGator 0,


There are people of all kind and ages that are willing to buy web hosting for their blogs. Hence, flexibility is a great quality of any web host if they are offering it.

“Bluehost”  offers you no flexibility. You have to pay the same amount of money as the one person getting millions of page views per day even if you will have 5 visitors per month on your blog. There is no flexibility and it goes in the same unlimited fixed fashion for everyone.

HostGator on the other side offers a lot of flexibility. They have different plans and you can easily choose the one that fits your needs. It will help you get the things you want and you’ll need to pay for only what you demanded. Hence, HostGator gets a point.

Bluehost 2, HosGator 1,


Features can tell us in a clear way about any web hosting company and we can decide their quality without any delay.

Bluehost is a features-packed web hosting company where you get more things than you can imagine. And, the best thing is that all those things that you would be getting are going to be in unlimited amount. You never have to worry about the limits. This means you can bring as much traffic as you want to your blog without worrying about bandwidth and add more and more data without worrying about your disk space.

HostGator on the other hand lacks that many feature. They give all the features only to the members that buy their highest and most expensive hosting plan. This makes it a little hard for people who are at the start of their careers or are not making much out of their blogs to stay with this company.

Bluehost 3, HostGator 1,
In a nutshell we can conclude that “Bluehost” is the best web hosting company in the world and you should go and buy it.

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