5 Reasons Why You Should Publish Daily

Don’t let experts fool you by saying that you shouldn’t publish on your blog everyday.
You might look at them and believe that they are right because their blogs are following the same thing. But you know what, they have worked for years and they used to publish many posts per day in their early days and now finally they are successful and posting daily or weekly doesn’t make much difference.

Article Publish Daily

But you are at the start and this is a time where hard work is required. And, hard work is not working whenever you want to work. It is doing things that are good for you on the right time and in right amount even if you don’t feel like you should do them. I’m not saying that experts are telling you a lie but the point that I’m trying to make right here is that you should understand the difference of blogging stage between you and them before believing them.

There are actually countless benefits if you publish daily and update your blog regularly and only some of them are going to be listed below because list goes on and on. Here we go.

1. It Will Improve Your Blog:
If you publish daily, your blog will definitely improve and people and Google will start to realize that you are not just another Tom or John who is stepping into blogging because he has got nothing else to do. It makes them feel that you are serious and not just anyone else but someone special.

Slowly and slowly you will start to gain followers and subscribers too. And, when they realize that you publish on a daily basis, they will start to checkout your blog everyday. In case you don’t know already, returning visitors are the people who make you the real money because they fully trust you and believe in every word you say.

2. It Will Help You Improve Writing Skills:
Writing skill is not just helpful for you as a writer, but also as a human being. Today’s life requires writing in almost everything and a better writer simply means a better person in general.

Writing, editing and publishing blog posts daily will help you become a better writer and you’ll soon start to realize the benefits of being good at writing. It will become pretty easy for you to showcase your emotions and thoughts in a way that people find interesting to read and it affects them in a positive way. That’s when people start to take you seriously and your blog’s actual journey of success begins.

3. You Will Learn To Follow Schedules:
You might be among the people who love to say that they hate routines and schedules and all such crap, but hear me out for a moment. The life is all about routine and schedules. That’s what makes a big difference between human beings and animal because animal also live an unorganized life with no plans and no rules.

We as human being should be different. Writing on a strict schedule makes you follow the rules and understand their importance. This is beneficial in all matters of life. If you want to succeed online, understand one thing that it is never possible without becoming organized, following schedules and having proper planning.

4. It Will Increase Your Knowledge:
We all know that knowledge is the most precious thing and that is what makes any man a real man. It not only helps you live a better life, but it also makes you a better person and human being.

To be honest, blogging is all about knowledge. The more knowledge you have the better blogger you can become. And, yes all of the knowledge is available online, but nothing can match the information that is stored properly in your mind. This is because if you find information online, chances are that mostly your articles would be filled with the ideas that are not yours.

Hence, it is wise and smart to write articles with your own knowledge and that is where regular writing helps you a lot.

Final Words:
In simple, short and sweet words, regular writing has numerous benefits and this is something you must do. Don’t let anyone make you believe that you are doing the wrong thing and that you shouldn’t be publishing regularly. There is a saying “If you failed because you listened to your mom, dad or teacher how to do and what to do then you deserve it”. The point that this quote makes is that you should make your own path.

I’m hopeful that this post was helpful for you and now I’m anxious to hear what you have to say about it. Will you start to publish regularly from now on or are you going to fooled into the “do when you want” theory?

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